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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and now evolve into multiple variants, it’s imperative that you frequently clean and disinfect your home and office to keep yourself and others safe and healthy. It is recommended to clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces at least once a day. That’s because anytime items or people come in and out, there’s some possibility of exposure.

At Premier Choice Misting, we offer a disinfecting service that eliminates 99.999% of the listed viruses and bacteria in high touch point locations as well as often overlooked hard to reach areas. We use high output and electrostatic sprayers to make sure the surfaces are completely covered and ensure the correct volume of disinfectant is properly applied to reach the desired results. Read on to learn more about the products we use.

Our Products

1. Clorox Total 360 electrostatic sprayers
We use Clorox Total 360 electrostatic sprayers that turn the disinfectant into small, charged droplets that adhere to surfaces with force stronger than gravity. This technology offers wrap-around coverage that helps in disinfecting hard-to-reach and the undersides of surfaces.

2. Misting backpack sprayers
We also use misting backpack sprayers that have volume output control. These sprayers are not only good for wide-open spaces (acting like a fogger), but with the power of its compressor, it is able to drive the disinfectant in cracks, stacked objects (like chairs), and other hard to reach areas.

3. Clorox Total 360 disinfectant
For most facilities, we use the Clorox Total 360 disinfectant with more than forty bacterial and viral kill claims. The power of this disinfectant eliminates most germs within two minutes.

4. Clorox Anywhere Disinfectant and Sanitizer
For areas that are used for food prep or have toys that children may put in their mouths, we use the Clorox Anywhere Disinfectant and Sanitizer combo that is approved for food prep areas without wiping.

Our service benefits

1. Efficient and flexible
Our service is quick and effective, and we can typically schedule service when no employees are in the facility. Our team can meet you during a lunch break or immediately after closing if it helps your schedule. We can typically disinfect ten thousand square feet in less than thirty minutes using only one machine.

2. Minimal preparation
Only a small amount of prep work is required by you before we spray. We ask that surfaces be as free from clutter or papers as possible so the mist can reach as much surface area as possible. We also ask that plants and animals be removed or safely covered.

3. Quick completion
Depending on which solution we are using and if there was a particular virus or bacteria we have to target, reentry and normal workflow can resume within five to fifteen minutes of completion provided that the surfaces have dried.

For more details about our disinfecting products, reach out to Premier Choice Misting. We are a leading COVID-19 disinfecting and virus fogging company in North Carolina. For the past sixteen years, we have helped local businesses in many facets. With the extension of our misting service, we provide quick, effective treatment to disinfect and sanitize your area and bring it back to baseline even during peak cold and flu season. We proudly serve clients all around the greater Charlotte and Greensboro areas and beyond.

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