Premier Choice Misting specializes in serving many different types of facilities. The list below is just some of the facilities that we service.


Preschool Disinfecting Service North Carolina

Major Venues: With the reopening of large gathering places, we have the staff and resources to quickly and efficiently disinfect large scale facilities such as movie theaters, arenas, stadiums, convention centers, casinos, and more.

Healthcare Facilities

Preschool Disinfecting Service North Carolina

Working in a clean environment is a must for medical staff. Clean waiting rooms, front desks, exam rooms, and bathrooms are important.


Preschool Disinfecting Service North Carolina

With our “Educational Facilities” program, we can provide periodic treatments to minimize spread of ailments, or spot treat as necessary should an outbreak occur.

Health Clubs

Stadium Disinfecting North Carolina

If you’re in the Wellness Industry, you know the importance of healthy practices – Plenty of Sleep, Proper Nutrition, Exercise, and Healthy Lifestyle Balance. Why compromise the health of your members with potentially unsanitary conditions?

Salons/Barber Shops

Theatre Disinfecting North Carolina

As a small business owner, you understand the value of every single customer. So when multiple clients are unable to utilize your service because of illness, you feel the strain.

Daycare / After School Programs

Theatre Disinfecting North Carolina

When viral outbreaks occur, their prevalence is always very prominent among children. What if those children are your “business”? To care for them, teach them, guide them. Well, if they are sick, they are either not in a condition to learn, or not present to learn.

Theatre Disinfecting North Carolina

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